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CNC 3018 GRBL DIY Mini CNC Router Machine with 5500mW 450nW Laser Module, ER11 Collet 3 Axis GRBL Laser Milling Machine Working Area 30x18x4.5cm for Engraving PVC, PCB, Plastic, Wood and Acrylic

Product Features:

    Package Include:1 set GBRL 3018 CNC Laser machine kit1 Set of 5500mW 450nM Laser+protective glasses1 Set of ER11 ColletCNC installation video link: operation video link: area : 30x18x4.5cm2.Frame size: 40x33x24cm 3.Screw: Professional T8 screw, lead 4mm, double copper nuts eliminate the poor back4.Stepper motor: 42 stepper motor5.Voltage:…
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Product Description

Package Include:
1 set GBRL 3018 CNC Laser machine kit
1 Set of 5500mW 450nM Laser+protective glasses
1 Set of ER11 Collet

CNC installation video link:
CNC operation video link:

1.Working area : 30x18x4.5cm
2.Frame size: 40x33x24cm
3.Screw: Professional T8 screw, lead 4mm, double copper nuts eliminate the poor back
4.Stepper motor: 42 stepper motor
5.Voltage: 12V, phase current 1.3A, phase resistance 2.1 ohms, torque 0.25N.m
6.Spindle: 775 spindle motor (12-24V) 24V: 10000r/min
7.Power: 24V 5.6A power adapter (input voltage 110-240V), simple and convenient
8. Gray Part Material: Plastic
9. Control software: Grbl Controller
10.Design software: All CAM (computer aided manufacturing) software can be
11.System requirements: windows XP SP3, win7. (32/64 can be). Linux
12.Interface: USB
13.Drill bits: tip 0.1mm ,20 degree , diameter 3.175mm
Lead screw with T8 trapezoidal lead. Double-headed lead 4mm, double nut spring back to eliminate poor

2. GRBL USB port cnc engraving machine control board, 3 axis control
Connection: USB (USB-CH340)
Software: GRBL controller,UniversalGcodeSender
Input voltage: 12-24V
Master chip: atmel 328P
(arduino nano)Stepper motor driver: A4988
Spindle drive chip: MOSFET (recommendation 12~24V, current : within 10A )
Spindle PWM speed: Support
Support stepper motor: 12V, maximum current of 2A or less is recommended within 1.5A and additional heat. (Any stepper motor 42, 57)
Laser engraving: Support
Power Interface: 5.5-2.5mm DC interface

3.5500nw 450nm Laser :
Laser wave length: 405nm
Optical power: 500mW, 300mW
Shell material: aluminum (surface anode black)
Working voltage: DC 12V (7~15VDC)
Power supply interface: 2.1 DC socket
Cooling: forced air cooling

Product Features

  • This machine can be added laser head and can be engraved plastic, wood, acrylic, pvc, pcb, wood and the like material.
  • Purchase 3018 milling engraving machine can get free the power supply.
  • Body used profiles and plastic,small size,light weight, USB interface, GBRL control system,entry preferred.
  • We suggest cnc-based buyers to buy,this machine is not industrial grade level.
  • The machine for a full set of spare parts, shall be installed by the buyers,the package include the CD , with detailed user manual and free software,buyers don’t need to worry about machine assembly.