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VFD CNC Spindle Motor Kits:110V 2.2KW VFD+110V 2.2KW 4 bearings Water Cooled Spindle Motor+110V 75W Water Pump+80mm Motor Clamp Mount+5m Water Pipe (110V-2.2KW VFD 2.2kw 4 bearings motor)

Product Features:

    This package includes:●1 x 110V-2.2KW VFD●1 x 110V-2.2KW ER20 4bearings Water Cooled Spindle Motor(with a 6mm collet)●1 x 110V-75W Water Pump●1 x 80mm Motor clamp mount●1 x 5m Water Pipe.VFD specification:modle:HY02D211Bpower:2.2KWhorsepower:3HPInput voltage:single-phase or three-phase 220V + -15% 50Hz / 60HzOutput voltage:220V three-phaseMaximum output frequency:0 to 400hzInput Frequency: 47-63Hzthe VFD…
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Product Description

This package includes:
●1 x 110V-2.2KW VFD
●1 x 110V-2.2KW ER20 4bearings Water Cooled Spindle Motor(with a 6mm collet)
●1 x 110V-75W Water Pump
●1 x 80mm Motor clamp mount
●1 x 5m Water Pipe.

VFD specification:
Input voltage:single-phase or three-phase 220V + -15% 50Hz / 60Hz
Output voltage:220V three-phase
Maximum output frequency:0 to 400hz
Input Frequency: 47-63Hz
the VFD can work with 220V single phase input and 220V three phase can just connected L1/L2 to any two of VFD input R/S/T

spindle motor specification:
●Material: The cover is made of stainless steel, and the water jacket is high compression casting aluminum tube, red copper coil.
Bearing: 7005 (2pcs)and 7002(2pc) bearings
● Voltage and rated current: AC 110V, 20A
● Max Rotation Speed:24,000 RPM
●Radial runout: 0.01mm
●Coaxality: 0.025mm (2.5 microns)
● Frequencies: 400Hz
●Size:80*213 (mm)
Collet: ER20 collet, 6mm is standard
●Nut model: ER20-A(B)
●Cooling way: water cycling cooling way
●Lubrication way: high temperature resistance grease lubrication
●Power interface: GX16 water proof aviation plug marked with number 1, 2, 3, 4. Number 1, 2 and 3 inter-faces are connected with inverter power U, V, W respectively. Number 4 is connected with earth wire

Product Features

  • NOTE:spindle need to be equipped with this vfd to use.Rated frequency of spindle is 400 Hz,If you input 220v voltage at 50hz or 60hz, it will damage the spindle and vfd DOES NOT support external resistor.Fan runs all the time even though the motor isn’t (fan functions need to be customized).
  • This package includes: 1 x 110V-2.2KW VFD,1 x 110V-2.2KW Φ80mm 4bearings 24000RPM ER20 collet Water Cooled Spindle Motor, 1 x 110V-75W Water Pump .1 x 80mm motor clamp mount 1 x 5m Water Pipe.
  • This VFD can be used for constant torque loads (such as hard starting: Air compressors, HVAC units) and variable torque loads (such as pumps, fans, etc). It can be used as a motor speed control and a phase converter.This item use Sine wave PWN(SPWM) for the control well with the Mach 3 controller
  • The spindle motor applied to: wood carving/engraving machine, advertisement engraving machine,CNC machine, small sized processing center, high speed centrifuge etc.
  • If there are problems in use after you receive,please don’t give us negative or natural feedback.Please contact us as soon as possible, we will help you solve problems or help you replace new part.